Re: [AH] Continious controllers, bit depth, and CV stepping?

From Plan B (Peter Grenader)
Sent Tue, Nov 28th 2006, 16:57

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Depending on the voltage range you're converting, 16 bit DAC is  
excellent.  Assuming for a second it's dealing with a 10 volt range,  
which is relatively large.  16 bit = 65,535 divisions.  That's 6,500  
per volt, less than a milllvolt per increment.  Ok, those are steps,  
but at what point do you call something not OK?  in my book, 12 bit  
is good enough for most applications.

On Nov 28, 2006, at 6:34 AM, Julian wrote:

> Quick question -
> I understand that theres no point in using a 16bit midi cv  
> converter with a
> continious controller - somthing to do with the resolution of CC's  
> in midi,
> but what is the bit depth of CC's
> Ie whats the highest value dac thats worth using in order to avoid CV
> stepping, without having wasted expense?
> For example - i remember when using my old doepfer mcv24, i remember
> audiable stepping when running CCs to its 8bit Dacs, but was this an
> inadequacy of the midi-cv unit, or the midi protocol itself?
> Thanks,
> Julian
> ps - i know this is math, and i should know the answer, but math,  
> and the
> midi protocol both aren;t really me

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