AW: Doepfer A-100

From Haible_Juergen#Tel2743
Sent Tue, Nov 14th 1995, 19:10

> The VCO is quite stable & sounds quite nice but the switch for the
> different pitches is somehow strange. ???
> The LFO has a switch for three different frequency ranges, but they don't
> really are subsequent.
> The Env. Gen. has a switch for different times as well, but with the same
> problem as the LFO.

That's something that annoys me with this whole Doepfer stuff. It's
so *cheap*, and they are making any possible compromise to keep
prices low.
While I do *not* know what's inside the A-100 (so don't take this
for absolute truth!), it's easy to guess.
You all know those 3-way switches that really are "on-off-on" type.
So You can switch another capacitor or resistor into Your circuit
in the upper and lower position, but not in the middle position.
This should explain all.
Well, I use these switches for my own projects, too. They are easy
to come by, and easy to mount on a front panel. But I am usually
working out a trick to avoid this non-subsequent layout. There
is *always* a way, but it's always a few components more. And
these are too expensive for Doepfer, obviously ...
Sometimes I wonder why he uses Jacks on the front panel at
all. There are these cheap alligator clips that can be connected to
resistor wires on the pcb directly, no? (;->)