[AH] Synths used by Japan (the group)

From Rod MacQuarrie
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

I'm constantly searching the net for lists of gear my favorite bands used.
What's frustrating is I can never find much info. So I've done some research
on the group Japan (from videos etc.) and have a bit of info for the
archives as to what this amazing group used:

Prophet-5 (seen in a couple of videos usually next to the OBX - Rev. 3 I
believe since it has a heatsink on the back)
Multimoog (on  a couple of videos between the JP4 and System whatever)
Jupiter-4 (Many videos)
OB-X (Quiet Life video)
Roland System 100M or 700 (can anyone verify? On video it looks too small to
be a System 700)

Anything else anyone can add?