Re: [AH] Hip Hop production and analogue

From ollie
Sent Mon, Dec 13th 2004, 23:53

Sampling james brown records and putting them through SuppaTrigga is 
keeping it real??

what are you talking about??

I think "keeping it real" refers to the lyrics, what are the lyrics on 
the Prefuse 73?


On Dec 10, 2004, at 4:36 PM, alex prescott wrote:

> word.  once again, please check
> no 808, but analogue galore.  see the minimoog?  does amazing things 
> with the MPC as well...
> THIS is "keeping it real".
> Rude 66 <> wrote:
> he's not condemning an entire genre, just the commercial excesses of 
> it. i
> used to love hiphop back in what's now called the old skool days.. 
> hell, the
> electro tracks i make were inspired by old hiphop. mantronix, johnzun 
> crew,
> older too short, stuff like that was all made with an 808, a bass 
> synth and
> a voice. i haven't seen any real scratch dj's with commercial acts in 
> years,
> they've all gone to turntablism. there is still good stuff out there, 
> but
> it's not in the top of the charts.
> one thing in defense of hiphop: it's always been more or at least as 
> much
> about the lyrics and performance of those than the beats. some of that
> stuff, including eminem's tirades, are superb.
> and Tim, there are as much euro hiphop poducers as there are in 
> america,
> only they don't really get known outside their home countries. but 
> every
> country has its distinctive style here. just because you don't know 
> them,
> doesn't mean they don't exist..;-)
> all in all, commercial hiphop isn't really that different from any
> commercial music. most of it's crap, and occasionally there's a gem in
> between..;-)
> back to analogue: are there stil hiphop artists that do it old skool 
> with an
> 808 and, perhaps, a voyager for basslines instead of samples and mpc's?
> r./
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> anymore.
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>> On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, alex prescott wrote:
>>> i would like to know what "commercially successful" hip-hop you 
>>> consider
> to have ANY artistic merit.
>> Generally, if you're condemning an entire genre, it's time to step 
>> out of
>> your bubble and open your mind. The rest of your criticism is you 
>> trying
>> to squeeze hiphop through your very narrow point of view. That's all I
> can
>> really say. Sorry.
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