Re: [AH] Manuals

From Zoe╠ł Blade
Sent Tue, Mar 17th 2015, 21:49

OK, so it's probably easier to answer these together:

> Is there anything in particular you need from it?

> You have a PS-3300?  How?!?!?

Heh, no and no. :)  I just have a collection of synth manuals and =
service notes in PDF form.  As far as collections go, at least it =
doesn't take up much physical space!  "I don't know, some people save =
string." :)

>>> They should be scanned and set free :)

>> Yes, they definitely should be. Finding the time, and getting it =
together to actually do it, is the issue.

> Sure, just like all music and books should be free too.
> What's anyone's time, or web storage or bandwidth costs
> matter?  All worthless anyway.

Well, without getting too much into the illegal sharing of information =
debate, I can guarantee you that storage and bandwidth aren't an issue =
for a certain website that likes to think of itself as a digital =

All the best,