re: (idm) Good CDs

From Michael Gerhard Simla
Sent Thu, Jan 11th 1996, 21:01

Kent Williams writes:
> Whenever I'm in there I always marvel that no one has snapped
> up some of the stuff in the used bin.  Black Dog 'Spanners',
> Polygon Window 'Surfing on Sine Waves', that sort of thing --
> stuff most of us already have, but others may have missed out on.
> Usually well under $10.

Hehheh.. The same situation happens here in winnipeg, with the "bargin 
bin" 12"s and such... 

Most of my treasured pieces of vinyl I have found in there for _really_ 
good prices, such as:
$9.98 for Agenda 22 on NE: double 12".. marked down from $45
$2.99 for a NE 12" (can't remember title, offhand)

a friend picked up the Snivilization album double pack for about $12..

lets hear it for bargin bins! :)

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