Re: [AH] buying an oscilloscope (was [AH] Visual patterns from analogue

From Thomas Strathmann
Sent Thu, May 9th 2013, 13:55

On 08.05.13 21:31, Nicole Feeder wrote:
> I bought an oscilloscope a few years ago. I looked around a lot for a
> used one, but it was tricky for me to find something at the time. I
> ended up settling on a small, new digital scope - Rigol DS1052E 50MHz.
> I've been happy with it. It isn't quite as nice as some of the
> Tektronix's scopes I have used, nor as sensitive and whatnot as some
> analog scopes, but I was spoiled in the physics department for years.
> For under $400 it is a nice, reasonably sized scope that fits on my
> bench well and has good functionality.

Seconded. I've got the 100MHz version which is basically the same
machine. Compared to other (often fancier) digital scopes in the same
price segment I'd say that the Rigol definitely feels sturdier and not
as wobbly in day to day use. Although it should be noted that there are
probably some DSOs that are quieter in operation. The fan in the Rigol
is not the best possible one (a small, high-speed, low-cost thing). All
in all I don't regret buying it and wouldn't go back to analog for most
measuring tasks I do.