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Sent Thu, Dec 9th 2004, 20:41

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Hi all,  I have the following up for sale before I go to theBay with it:

-Paia Midi2cv8 midi to cv converter
Built from kit about a year ago, works flawlessly.  The midi2cv8 was =
used first to drive my monosynths and then exclusively in my =
Doepfer/Blacet modular system.  It has the optional Frac Rack accessory =
kit which includes 9700-series faceplate and powersupply for stand-alone =
function.  I have added a Blacet power connector to interface with the =
Blacet ps500a power supply.   A real workhorse module. Includes all =
documentation and schematics.=20
>From the Paia website:
a.. Pitch and Gate control of 4 synth voices. Either Multi (assignment =
of data from four midi channels) or Mono (rotational assignment of data =
from one midi channel) operation.=20
a.. Pitch, Velocity and Gate control of 2 voices plus Pitch and Mod =
wheel CVs. Either Multi or Mono assignment can be selected.=20
a.. Pitch, Velocity, Pitch Wheel, Mod Wheel, Release Velocity, Channel =
Pressure, Gate and Re-trigger. Complete, true staccato control of one =
synth voice.=20
a.. 8 CVs from Continuous Controller messages. Controllers can be on one =
midi channel or separate channels.=20
a.. Analog Drum Trigger Mode. 8 pulses by note# with pulse amplitude set =
by note velocity.=20
a.. DIN Sync - 24ppq, Start, Stop and Continue PLUS simultaneous control =
of a single Pitch, Velocity, Gate, Wheel, Re-trigger synth voice or two =
multi-assigned voices with Pitch, Velcocity, and Gate.
Asking price: $100 shipped=20

-Clavia Nord Lead 1 Rack (version 2) with 12-voice expansion
The original Virtual Analog synth that started the revolution.  Mint =
condition, includes rack ears and manual in pdf format.
Asking price: $375 shipped
------------------------------------------------------------------- =20

** Sales within Unites States only for now, I accept paypal if you cover =
the fees. **

Thanks for the Bandwidth.