Re: [AH] The new 200e

From panflet
Sent Wed, Jan 26th 2005, 13:29

>> Hi Peter,
thanks for the info,got some questions if you dont mind.

>> Can this thing really store modular patches?
> The Preset Manager can store up to 30 snapshots of the faceplate 
> controls -
> all switch and knob settings on the entire system - EXCEPT the few gray
> knobs found on the 260 B. pole and 227 interface - which is fine because
> those specific controls have more to do with the room your using the 
> machine
> in than the patch itself (mic pre gain, output levels and final EQ 
> setting,
> etc).

wonder why he redesigned the b.pole from the last version then,just for 
looks maybe?

> You can store more than 30 snapshots if you plug a memory card into the
> machine as well - so the 30 is expandable.
can you sequence the presets,how long do they take to recall?
what kind of memory card?