RE: [AH] Korg PS-3300 help?

From Frank Vanaman
Sent Fri, May 6th 2005, 18:06

Erhm, the PS3300 doesn't have a cpu, nor an address and data bus.

Well, I guess it *does* have a 48 way 'completely parallel and discrete' key
bus-- which is an around-about way of saying there are 48 keys each with a
normally open switch, and 48 wires connecting the keys to the paralleled key
inputs on the gate cards. No CPUs were harmed in the making of the 3100 and

I'd suspect perhaps that the power supply might be acting up, based on the
description of the problem, especialy that it can be temporarily 'reset' by
switching off.


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Heat related failure if you ask me...the cpu's dying and sending
gibberish onto the address and data bus and out through all the logic
so the sound generators are getting random enable lines with
meaningless data. I've seen it before on synths.

Try a new cpu...or leave the lid up if you want to test keeping it
cooler, maybe one of those little pc style cpu cooling fans hung off
one of the dc rails will be enough to cure it.