Re: [AH] EGRES/Serge site updated

From John Papiewski
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

Hey John,

Rex added stage LED's to the mini sequencers recently, the latest price
reflects this.

BTW, if you could ever coax the trigger sequencer board out of Rex, I
someone who could build it for you!
I'd love to do it myself but don't have much time lately (pesky day-job
; )  ).
Andre', are you listening?

John P. wrote:

> a number of years ago Serge made a trigger sequencer...something like
> Doepfers but not nearly as elaborate... I've never seen one but Rex
still has
> the PC boards laying around...almost got him to resurrect one for me
> year but it didn't happen. I think he would let me wire one up myself
but i
> don't know which end of a solder gun to hold.  LOL Anyway... the Serge

> triggers are not the mini sequencers not the TKB, although an update
of the
> mini sequencers is on the way supposedly.
>  Kind regards
>    John