[AH] Update to November 8th City Skies 08 event

From James Combs
Sent Sun, Nov 2nd 2008, 17:14

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Due to a fall and broken bones, Richard Lainhart has had to postpone  
his City Skies appearance until next year (we'll update you when we  
finalize the scheduling). We're disappointed we'll have to wait to  
hear from this incredible performer, but are happy to know Richard is  
at home and is on the mend. We wish him a quick recovery and look  
forward to seeing him next Spring.

In his place, several incredible performers have agreed to step in at  
the last minute and help keep the analog vibe we had planned on  
Saturday, November 8th at Kavarna in Decatur, GA:

IDM masters Richard Devine and Josh Kay will be performing live  
together with their huge Custom Doepfer analog modular systems, along  
with the Yamaha Tenori-On and Jazzmutant Lemur digital controllers.  
Richard was a highlight of the May City Skies Festival, and he  
promises to amaze us again.

To keep a Buchla 200e synth on stage this week, Don Hassler will be  
joining us for a set of wild and wonderful analog madness, also  
bringing his EMS Synthi and Serge modular synths.

And, as previously planned, Wendy Owens of Collaboration with Sounds  
from South Carolina will be sharing her wonderful sound-making, and  
Jim Combs and Klimchak, collectively known as Bribing The Buddha,  
will open the show with their down-tempo, ambient, 12-fold audio  
path. Klimchak will be using his Buchla Marimba Lumina.

We advise you to get your tickets prior to the event as Richard  
Devine and Josh Kay will most certainly draw a big crowd.

More info can be found at http://www.cityskies.com


Jim Combs