Re: Roland Modular

From Brian Vick
Sent Sat, Jul 15th 1995, 19:01

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999 SuperBad MoFo <> said: 
>Are you SURE those were System 100's (looks like an SH-7 w/ no keyboard -
>the boxes are about a foot deep and tilted back, w/ tolex end covers -
>70's green/grey color scheme - very weird)??? 
>The more common System 100m is a totally different beast in looks & sounds
>spiffy rack modules that look more modern, w/ a tighter, less phat sound. 
>Inquiring minds want to know 
Oops, stupid mistake.  They were the System 100m cabinets, not the System
100 with the speakers and keyboard.