Re: What IS that??

From Mark Pulver
Sent Thu, May 29th 1997, 17:46

Mr disco (10:05 AM 5/29/97 EST) wrote:

>OK, I've put it off this long...
>You know that picture that's all over the net of a Roland catalog 
>circa 1981 with that wall of 100M's, 808, 606, 303, Jupiter 8, Juno 
>6, MC-4, GR-300, etc etc... of course you've seen it!
>What the heck is that keyboard all the way in the foreground sitting 
>right above that Cube-60???

Looks like a Juno series that never made it to production... 

Closest to a Juno-6 from what I can find; but not really.


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