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From Mark Pulver
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Paul Nugent (10:21 PM 1/11/98) wrote:

>There's a review of a basic Serge Modular system in the most
>recent issue of Keyboard.  I didn't get a chance to read it thoroughly, but
>it looked pretty decent.  I was under the impression that they were _quite_
>expensive.  Yeah, I think they're pricier than Doepfer, but in comparison to
>other modular systems on the market (like Don Martin's modules) it is
>right on.  $250 for a standard VCO.  

Ummm, I guess I would have to mention that I found it incredibly odd that
Keyboard did that review. My guess is that someone at Keyboard wanted to
play with a Serge for awhile.

It's hard to review a modular... A lot of the power of the machine is in
the hands of the person with the patchcords. I've been in front of a number
of different levels of modular gear, from a PAiA 2700 to a large Moog
system on through a large Serge... In all cases, I don't think that I could
tell you that I was ever disappointed with a system.

As for comparing Don's modules with Serge... Having a Serge VCO in front of
you is much different that having a Don VCO. I guess in the scope of
talking about the basic Serge VCO it's more fair, but anything beyond that
and you're looking at apples and oranges.

Price wise... Expensive is relative. $7500 will get you a SKB case filled
with what you saw in the Keyboard article which has many more sonic
possibilites than what that $7500 will buy you from Don. Not that they will
*sound* the same when it comes to a similar patch, but the tweakability of
a Serge is unmatched by anything else on the planet. it's very hard to
explain, but one possible concept is that it's next to impossible to patch
a Serge in such a way that it won't produce a sound. ie, you can take an
out from a sequencer straight to an amp and it will produce a very usable
sound. The sequencer can be clocked into the audio range without falling
apart which means that you can use the stage levels to shape a waveform.

A lot of it depends on what you want to do with a modular. There are folks
that MUST have a Moog sound, and they will do all that they can to get it.
For them, it's the sound, not the fact that you can use a VCO as a filter
like on a Serge. But, if you want the coolest "rave" stuff and the most
incredible effects machine ever, then you don't want a Moog System 55.

Serge and Moog are two different ways to spend your money. If you know what
you're buying, you'll be happy either way.

>Delta Music Research - has anyone seen their products, and if so, opinions?
>I'd really like to see a picture of their modular system, as well as some
more info.

Do you mean the *original* DMR modular or the "new" ones that it looks like
DMR is advertising in the back of Keyboard?

I have an original one... If that's what you're looking for, then what
would you like to know? :)


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