Re: [AH] mixers (was Re: ARP 2600 vs modular?)

From James Husted
Sent Sat, Dec 6th 2008, 02:09

There is a tread on the Doepfer Yahoo list about matrix mixers. There  
are a few out there and a few in the works coming soon (Goepfer and  
Harvestman). There is a nice PCB layout based on the Buchla 205 matrix  
mixer on the Electro-music DIY board too. Just do a Google for matrix  
mixer and you will get a few hits for sure. Some of the new designs do  
inversion too, as in full CCW full inverted, mid position off, full CW  
full positive signal. Very nice.


On Dec 5, 2008, at 3:31 PM, John Mahoney wrote:

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>> From: Mark Landman <>
>> The 2600 does have the benefits of portability, normalled  
>> connections,
>> speakers, and such, but one overlooked feature of the Arp design is
>> the relatively generous amount of audio and control voltage mixers
>> built into each module.
>> These make the machine even more playable, and encourage
>> experimentation. You could duplicate this in a modular with lots of
>> mixer modules strategically located throughout, but it's just not the
>> same.  [snip]
> Good points. The Roland system that is used to illustrate Roland  
> "The Synthesizer" books -- the old set of 4 books -- is pretty cool  
> in that regard. Is it the System 100? Like the ARP 2600, it uses  
> sliders (but very small ones) and has normalled connections. There  
> are mixers all over the place. This is a Very Good Thing!
> Matrix mixers, which you mentioned, can be used to derive complex  
> signals from a few inputs. Lots of potential, there, and it's odd  
> that you don't see more of them. David Tutor was doing matrix mixing  
> in the 1960s, if I remember my history correctly, so they are hardly  
> a new concept. They aren't even complicated, electronically! I hope  
> to add a DIY matrix mixer to my modular.
> John