Re: [AH] Doepfer vs .Com modular?

From Horton
Sent Tue, Jan 2nd 2007, 05:50

> > I am debating wether I should start a doepfer modular or a .Com
> > modular. I like the variety of modules available for the Doepfer but
> > I also really think (at least to my eyes) that the .Com modules look
> > more sturdy. Also which one is cheaper to start off as far as cases
> > and power supplies? And are there any negatives or positives
> > regarding the sound of either?
> > Thanks for the feedback,

I've found that Doepfer users tend to be more of the latte-sipping
liberal types, while DotCom users tend to be more manly and stand up
for our strong family values.