Re: [AH] Anyone used the Ana. Sol. HH88?

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Wed, Oct 1st 2008, 09:43

hi Matt,

i am using the Analogue Solutions HH88 for many years now and i really like 
its sound.

i do not have a tr808 to compare it with, but regardless of similarity or 
not, the HH88 sounds great, to my ears.

Bakis Sirros
Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
doepfer_a100 group owner
Athens - Greece
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Subject: [AH] Anyone used the Ana. Sol. HH88?

Has anyone used the Analog solutions HS88?  Can you comment on its sound?  I 
definitely prefer a thinner, more metallic 808/dr110 sound to a noisier 
sound if that makes a any difference...

Also, does anyone know of any other similar stand-alone modules out there? 
There's plenty of synth drums, but it seems very few hats/cymbals!  the HH 
looks like my best bet, tho I'm not even sure how readily available it is 
from AH right now.


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