(idm) More Japan stuff (Warp/R&S/Rising High comps)

From takatomi
Sent Mon, Jan 20th 1997, 16:19

Someone was asking about  Sony's Japan-only comp, "Warp Classics."  Well,
here we go:

V.A. - Warp Classics (SRCS 7920)

        1.Sweet Exorcist / Test Four 
        2.A Case Of Funk / Nightmares On Wax 
        3.Train Trac (Bajack) / Fuse 
        4.Johnny Favorite (Exploding Plastic Inevitable Mix Edit) / David Holms 
        5.Wilmot Meets Lord Scruffage / Sabres Of Paradise 
        6.Djarum / Autechre 
        7.Black Sea / Drexciya 
        8.Ties Up / LFO 
        9.Antacid I (Jedi Knights Remix) / Link & E621 
        10.Fracture / Seefeel 
        11.Quoth (Hidden Mix) / Polygon Window 

There are also
        R&S Classics (SRCS 7921)
        R&S Ambient Classics (SRCS 7922)
        Rising High Classics (SRCS 7923)

and you can find the tracklist for these and many of the Sony(Japan)
(re)releases, on the Sony Techno home page (in English):


It's a very good site.  There is a database of all their offerings in the
"Catalogue" section, so you can see for yourself if there are any
interesting discs out here.

With that in mind, I'm taking more Japanese disc trade offers!  (It looks
like I've gotten a few more requests for the Aphex Singles CD after I left
for the stores to buy Gonzi and others their copies.)  Am I nice or what!! 


np: Autechre - Tri Repetae (now that I'm subscribed to the list from my
home address, I can write these NowPlaying lines!  Cool!)
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