Re: Inexpensive MIDI-CV?

From J.D. McEachin
Sent Tue, Jan 28th 1997, 22:31

At 02:52 PM 1/28/97 -0600, DAC Crowell wrote:

>>the Korg MS series is not one volt per octave. They respond to the
>>Hz/Volts system. Concequently, they are harder to MIDI. I think the Paia
>>Fatman has a Hz/Volts CV out though... right?
>I think you're right on that, yes. The Doepfer MCV series also handles V/Hz
>scalings, as does the Clarity Retro.

Sorry, I'm afraid the Clarity Retro doesn't handle V/Hz scaling.  It can
scale one or all of its outputs to handle the weird .25V/Octave scaling of
the EMS Synthi, though.

The Clarity page should be on Synthcom's website within a week, and I've got
a few units ready for sale.  More details later.

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