Re: System 100M / other modular

From fEEd
Sent Thu, Mar 16th 1995, 21:11

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995 12:45:32 -0800 (PST), 
Mutant Rhythmatist   <> wrote:

>Well, while you're modding your Odyssey up to 2600 specs, we're hotrodding 
>our 2600's to go WAY beyond stock.  It's all about PANEL REAL ESTATE, 
>dude!  The 2600's got more room to work w/.

Agreed.  The guy who does the Odyssey mods (which BTW make it surpass the 
2600 specs in many ways) also does some KILLER 2600 mods.  In fact, he BUILT
a 2600 into a empty 2600 shell.  He is busy remaking an AWESOME 2600 filter 
module at the present.

>Just joshin' ya, Rob - don't get your panties in a wad.  %-}  

how did you know I was wearing panties? ;>

>Still haven't figured 
>out the oscillator sync mod %-[.

This guys has this for Odysseys and I assume 2600s as well.  His info:

ARP mods guy:  Phil Cirocco  #  (610) 694-8886
               1522 Eaton Ave.
               Bethelem, PA 18018


      (under construction)
  "FILTER MAINTENANCE- After every 100 hours of operation apply a sine wave  
  to the output of the FILTER to back flush the trapped overtones to unclog 
  your filter."                                            - EML 101 Manual