[AH] FS: Blacet and Doepfer modules,frac rack & PSU FA:x0xbox

From appliancide
Sent Fri, Jan 9th 2009, 05:20

Filthy Filter $170
VC Envelope Generator $145
2200 VCA Quad Mix $200
Improbability Drive w/ mods for external in (basically gives you a window comparator with an inverted output) and an extra knob that gives you front panel control of the quantizer scale. $155
PS500 PSU with frac rack and PSCONN2 connector board $160

The ID is the only module that was not built by Blacet. The guy I bought it from did a great job (wiring and soldering look professionally done) and the module works perfectly.

110 VCO $120
131 VCA $60

x0xb0x #918 kit with prebuilt USB up for auction:

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