[AH] doepfer mcv4 with roland sh7 strange problem

From Mike Broers
Sent Tue, May 6th 2008, 23:14

hope someone here can help me out.

i have two doepfer mcv4s.

one works as expected to trigger my roland sh-7 with no issue
(currently borrowing this working doepfer from a friend)

the other one (mine), using the same power supply, same cables, same
source midi, does not trigger the gate and instead the you can sort of
barely hear the sequence running but its obvious that the ext/cv/sh
setting is looking to the s/h to trigger the gate, as it does in the
absence of a gate signal.

to make things interesting, the one that doesnt seem to work as
expected on the sh-7 works fine with my sc pro-one.

i know the doepfer has options that are changed with midi program
changes while in learn mode, i have tried multiple different settings
there to no effect.  i cannot tell what settings the working one is
set to and thats kindof a pain.  i have done a system reset on the one
that doesnt work, has no effect on the problem.  I am afraid to do a
system reset on the working one because i would like to have at least
one of my midi->cv/gate converters working.  the jumper on the inside
is set to the same position.

any thoughts?  do you think mine could just be faulty or does it sound
like a settings issue?

any help is appreciated.