Re: Doepfer A-100

From Michael V. Dvorkin
Sent Mon, Nov 13th 1995, 16:32

On Nov 10,  6:43pm, sgrant wrote:
> Subject: Doepfer A-100
> There have been several posts regarding the Dorpfer modular but nobody has
>offered a subjective evaluation of the machine that has played one or owns
>Can anybody help?

Here's what a friend of mine who has one had to say:

 I had it here for a week or so (for
making up the patch cables which came as a kit) and played around with it.
I'm not really impressed. The filters (called Moog cascade) don't really
sound like a Moog one. The resonance doesn't sound right.

The VCO is quite stable & sounds quite nice but the switch for the
different pitches is somehow strange. ???

The LFO has a switch for three different frequency ranges, but they don't
really are subsequent.

The Env. Gen. has a switch for different times as well, but with the same
problem as the LFO.
Generally speaken it's nice to produce either basslines or effects. It's
very hard to come up with a nice sound. A lot of produced sound are just
crap and nerv killing.

>     I plan to buy a modular but I'm waiting to see what the Moogs are going
>cost and sound like compared to the competition. Does anyone have an oipinion
>of the Doepfer's sound and playability comparedto the Serge?

Well, if $$$ is not a question then clearly Serge is the winner!

>I find it hard to
>justify the cost comparison.
> "What good is a DJ if he can't scratch?"
> What good are specs if they can't tweak?
>-- End of excerpt from sgrant

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