Doepfer Noise/second attemp

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Tue, Nov 11th 1997, 22:26

        Reply to:   Doepfer Noise/second attempt.

I sent this earlier but was told there was a problem. I'm receiving fine. =
Sorry if this is annoying, I'm working on it. Second attempt to follow:

"Got CW's reply, thanks. Not sure if there have been other replies or not =
(AH being down/other email probs). Let me say this though. I've spent =
more time with the A100 and I'm having a ball, I really like it. As far =
as  "I can't live with this", I'm still not convinced the divider is =
working properly. It might be but it doesn't make sense. It was one of =
the first things I checked out and I was disappointed.  No one has been =
able to explain it yet, including the party I purchased it from, but I'll =
keep at it none the less.  And the "come on you guy's, you persuaded me =
to get this thing" -I'm trying to get feedback from actual Doepfer owners =
that may be able to say "that's how it works" or "it's messed up, return =
it". Got some replies from list members who don't sound as if they own =
one. Also I'd like to know more info on other mods you folks have =
purchased, cool patches,etc. Already looking at the Analog/Trigger =
Sequencer, inverter, etc. I know it is relatively inexpensive but it does =
cost some bread. The hole that exists where my bank account used to be =
proves this. Again, any Doepfer info, send it on."