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Sent Tue, Nov 14th 1995, 17:51

>From: Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92) <>
>Subject: Re: Doepfer A-100 
>I guess so. But that' s almost everytime true, that gear that is 5 times as
expensive is much better. The qustion is what is 5 times better ?
>I' d say, if you can' t afford more than 2 osc' s 2 filters, and some
>more than 10 otehr modules a serge will be great to start, but will
>get faster boring that a rich equipped A100 with weaker sound, but way
>more possible combinations.
>On the other hand, I Personally tend to have simple, but great sounding gear 
>as I always manage to get enough money if necessary to expand.

- From all the talk I've seen, from owners of Serge equipment
- From talking to Rex Probe from STS (Serge)
- From going over every module in their catalog
- And finally from reading the detailed module listing of the Doepffer
units that someone kindly posted a couple of months ago ....

I've come to the following beliefs:

- A very simple Serge system will be far more capable of complex sounds and
patches than a more complex Doepffer system, because the Serge modules have
modulation routings beyond belief!
- The Doepffer modules are all VERY simple with nowhere near enough mod
routings and patchability.

In conclusion, if I were to choose between a simple Serge system and a
comple A100 system, I would choose the Serge, for the greater flexibility,
which would lead to much greater aural interest / longevity.

I'll own a Serge someday ..... :)  As soon as I can find someone to buy
Bernie, I'll buy a Serge system (and then build Bernie again).  I can't ever
see anyone paying my price though.  :o   haha

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