(idm) I will not post about Richard James for at least 24 hours....

From Gonzi (Fresh)
Sent Sun, Jan 19th 1997, 12:17

I will not post about Richard James for at least 24 hours....I will not
post about Richard James for at least 24 hours....

Here's the last RDJ related dispatch from the G-spot for at least 24
hours unless Ricahrd tuns up at my fucking house with a gun. 

For those that don't know, there is a 20 minute realaudio interview with
ricardo domingo Juarez (aka aphlex) at:


There are lots of annoying little audio tricks in it which are a pretty
retarded idea since its hard enough to understand stuff in realaudio as
it is. Richard completely fucks around with the interviewer but one
interesting bit did turn up: there is another Polygon Window album. Who

At Sonicnet they're going to be having a listening party on the 21st for
RDJ LP, which basically means you can listen to the tracks in realaudio
and pre-order the CD (big deal, huh?). More importantly (as if any of
this shit is important) they're going to be doing a real audio interview
as well but they don't have a date yet. You can sign up to a mailing
list and they'll mail you to let you know when he's going to be on.

Look at: http://www.sonicnet.com/

It looks like it's going to be in march sometime probably, which is when
I heard the Pseudo online interview may take place as well. Will the US
tour be in march? Guess I don't know everything. Oh, and piss on trent
rezzneck (who wears leather pants) and bring along mike p. , you'll both
have new albums out here. Come to think of it so will Luke Vibert.
Neither of them wears leather pants.

Ok, that's it. I'm going to go and crawl back into my hole now to read
some Murakami (yes, he reads too)...
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