Re: Sequencer Info

From Kent Williams
Sent Tue, Sep 2nd 1997, 04:46

On Mon, 1 Sep 1997, William C. Eunice wrote:
> I guess the best way to phrase this is "What most inspires you about the 
> sequencer you use." (500 word minimum enter as many times as you like) 
> and another question I have is what the heck, other than the MIDI-CV kit I 
> have yet to assemble, can I sequence my Yamaha CS-15 with?

The Doepfer MAQ 16/3 is probably the best random idea box on the market
right now -- syncs to midi, sends MIDI or CV.  It's a great thing.  While
it's set up to be a 3 row 16 step analogue style sequencer, there are a 
wide variety of oddball sequencing modes for it that will lead you down
plenty of unexpected paths.

For software sequencers, I use Vision for Windows.  What I like about
that is that subsequences allow you to work on tracks in small chunks and
experiment with putting them together in different ways.  Subsequences
can be part of other sequences, you can play more than one at a time, and
you can trigger them in real time from the computer keyboard.

Another great feature is 'generated sequences'  which really amounts to
a superset of every possible sort of arpeggiator.  This is not as powerful as 
the stuff you can do in Logic, or the interactive phrase sequencer in Cubase,
but those are so powerful that they're nearly unusable, at least for thickies
like me.

I keep trying other sequencers, but Vision fits me.  They have a downloadable
demo at

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