Re: Vintage Synth Sample CD's?

From Pierre Zarokian
Sent Fri, Jan 9th 1998, 18:59

Hi I have one for sale.  It's called "Old Gold Synth" by Hit CD.
It's out of print now.  Some of the synths featured are:

Roland Juno-106, MC-202, MKS-50, TR-606, TR-808, TR-909
MiniMoog, MemoryMoog, Oberheim Xpander, Octave Cat,
Arp 2600, Korg VC-10, Roland vocoder!, many more I can't
remember now..... I think a System 100M...

These are mostly single note saounds in various notes and ocatves.
There are some arpegios and S&H and some vocoded sounds.
There are no loops. It's an audio CD. I like to get $40 for it.

Also, I would recommend the Vince Clark "Lucky Basterd" CD,
if you can find it. It's also out of print.