System 100M vs System 700

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Sent Wed, Dec 20th 1995, 00:37

OK here goes.

I've been mulling over the possible differences between the 700 modules 
and the 100M modules.  Does anybody out there have first hand experience 
with the 700 vs. the 100M?

I dug through the MM pages on them and checked out those groovy adds 
(kudos to the person who uploaded 'em).  The 700 is toted as the 
"top-of-the-line" modular from Roland but after reading the about the 
100M modules I wonder the REAL differences.  I'm talking features and 
audible differences between the oscs and filters etc.  I realize that 
generally speaking the 700 came in preassembled cabinets which were 
standard (Bank 1-7...) but the 100M came module-by-module which you 
custom arranged to your liking.  That's not what I'm looking for.  I'm 
curious about the spec differences and what that means audibly.

Also where does the System 100 fit into the picture?  Is it just a 
downsized 700 or is it really a separately designed synth all together?  
I know these are very specific questions but you rarely hear about these 
things and they look like such different beasts.  It seems as though the 
System 700, System 100M, and System 100 are completely different on the 
component level.  I wonder why Roland varied their line of gear where US 
companies tended to have a basic lineup of modules and then offered 
different configurations of those modules.

I hope somebody has some idea.

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