[AH] FS: Weird Oscillator Module and Korg Oasys PCI synth

From Blake Wilson
Sent Thu, Apr 1st 2004, 02:30

analogical first:



is a wacky oscillator module. it makes strange noises when you stick 
bananas cables in and out of it. the black jack in the middle is the 
ground. the rest? i'm not sure. do not expect anything near 1v/oct 
here, folks! i'd like to trade this for a standard envelope module 
from asys or doepfer or whomever. or maybe forty bucks. or less. you 
decide. the insides are kind of cool: there are two cards with the PS 
on one (i think) and the osc on the other. if anything, i'm pretty 
sure you're getting a decent 12v supply from this thing, probably bi 
polar too but don't quote me...

next (and brandon....I KNOW....i shouldn't do it....but here goes):

i'm 100% OSX now and can't use my korg oasys card synth. it works 
great and comes with all the cables, disc, etc. i may still have the 
box (wait, mark...didn't i send you a bunch of cables in an oasys 
box?)...this is probably the best in its class for physical modeling 
and leaves a hole in my studio but there you go. looks like its worth 
about $300-350 on ebay so if anyone around here wants it i'd like 
around $300 for it shipped. i'd trade for a nice mic preamp or two.

thanks, folks.

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