[AH] FS / WTB in Columbus, OH

From drew
Sent Fri, Sep 21st 2007, 22:28

 	Hi list members -

 	Items listed below are in Columbus OH, I highly prefer 
pickup/delivery within C-bus for the sale items, as I'm rather short on 
time these days. I am fine with paying USPS/UPS shipping on the WTB items 
if you package them adequately.

 	If you want technical information on the items below please type 
the model numbers into the website "www.google.com" as I don't keep track 
of such things.

 	Shipping is done via USPS. You can pay cash if you pick up (no 
MO/checks please) or Paypal if you want it shipped. I am willing to ship 
outside of the USA, but please be aware that shipping may cost an 
additional $20-40, and that it may take up to 8-10 weeks for your item(s) 
to arrive.


- Fender standard Stratocaster. Red. New, never played. It was a gift and 
what can I say except I don't play guitar. $100 pickup in columbus ONLY 

- Lexicon PCM70. "Good" physical condition, 100% working shape. $400 
pickup or $500 shipped. Full disclosure: I have opened the unit once, to 
repair one of the 1/4" I/O jacks, but it currently works 100%.

- Akai S900 with about 50 3.5" diskettes. Wear is consistent with its age 
("good" but definitely not "mint".) Works well. $100 pickup in columbus 

- Akai MFC42 analog filter. $100 pickup, $140 including shipping within 

- Vestax PMC-06 VCA dj mixer. Clean and works well (has been in storage 
for a year, so you may need to exercise the faders.) $50 pickup, $100 

- Alesis Nano-Bass w/power supply. $50 pickup, $70 shipped

- E-Mu Pro-Formance piano MIDI module. Free if you pick up other items, or 
$30 shipped.

- Stanton T.80 turntable. No headshell/cartridge/needle (this will cost 
you approx. $50-80 depending on what you want.) $50 pickup in columbus 

- Beyer M160 ribbon microphone. Bought new 3 years ago, used very lightly, 
sounds great. Please do not buy this unless you understand how to use a 
ribbon mic, as they cannot be dropped/shocked/powered/etc. $300 pickup or 

- Next! VOX-II Vocoder. No power supply (the seller did not mention this 
before shipping it to me, and I put the unit in storage before finding 
one.) It's a standard wall-wart you should be able to get for $10. Selling 
for $100 pickup or $150 shipped.

- E-MU Vintage Pro 1U rack module. Everything's great on it but the main 
data wheel is "jiggly" (it will occasionally jump up or down a few patches 
when you use the data wheel to switch between them.) You can replace, 
clean, or ignore this problem at your own discretion, and it is priced 
accordingly. Incl. original manual. $200 pickup or $300 shipped.


- Doepfer digital clock/gate modules and quantizer. (A-156 quantizer, 
A-149-1, A-149-2, A-160, A-161 series.)

- Roland M-160/240 or a similar 3-5U rack mixer. This is going to be a 
keyboard mixer and I need 2+ aux sends.

- Technosaurus Cyclodon

- Modular CV sequencer (can be either synthesizers.com format or 
euro/frac, or standalone if you have something crazy I've never seen 

- Spring reverb unit (synthesizers.com or rackmount.)

- SE Reflexion mic filter.

- Shotgun microphone (looking for 1 or 2, anything decent is fine.)

 	If you take delivery of several items in Columbus (or pick them 
up) I will be glad to negotiate a discount - as you may notice, though, 
the majority of these items are rather cheap so I am not accepting lowball 
offers on shipped items.

 	Thanks! :)