[AH] ARP 2600 for sale, like new. Roland TR-808 for sale in very very go

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I have at home an ARP 2600 for sale. It's a long story. The first owner
purchased it at the end of the 70's trying to get into progressive, modern
music. As it happens a lot, work and family kept him from making music and
the old good 2600 was all the time sleeping at home. 4 years ago I met this
man and he wanted me to get the instrument for free because he was not usin=
it and this would lead to failures in a long term. So I got the 2600 withou=
actually paying for it but with the promise, I would take care of it using
it and maybe purchasing it in the future.

Unfortunately the man died one year later and I kept in contact with his
family in order to make my promise true. Well, after some years, I still
have purchased it but it is time for the family to get the money they was

The ARP 2600 is almost like new. Yes. It was never used outside my home or
the first owner's home. Only a slider cap on the voltage processor section
is broken. Even the case looks almost like with only 1 or 2 minor dings.
It's like a time travel.

Technically it is full working. I can only remember some bad contact in one
input using the original 30 years old cables. Using new Doepfer cables all
contact  are fine. The oscillators don't need calibration: using a Kenton
converter I get full scale range without detuning. As said above: It's like
a time travel.

I have also the duophonic 3620 keyboard. It also looks great but it would
take some service. Tuning is a little flat and keys are hard to press after
a long time without playing (they get better using them) and some controls
don't work as expected: for example the LFO depth doesn't work until you
real almost 100% depth. Some cleaning and calibrating would  probably set
the keyboard in best condition. Or just control the main unit from other

Original cables and manuals are of course included.

The ARP 2600 is the later model with orange labels and white letters and
serial number is 2602 0269.

Minimal price is 2000 euro but I won't ship it. You have to collect it here
where I live in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. I'm selling it for the family
and I simply won't take the risk of the synth getting any damage or being
lost in transit. 2000 euro is a reasonable price for an ARP 2600 in this
condition. Add some airplane tickets and it will be still be a great price.
I won't provide any packaging so I can't be blamed if the packaging is not
the best, but I would take the you from and to the airport with a car if at
the time you come or go I'm not at work.

I'm also thinking about selling my TR-808 to get some money and keep the AR=
2600. So if you have some serious offers for the 808, please let me know. I=
is also in very good /excelent condition, full working and never used on
stage. I'm second owner of the 808 and the first one was an guitar player
who used it only at home for backing purposes. A Doepfer midi-to-sync
converter, and a sync cable are lying around here, but there were never
used. I can test them and include them in the packaging if any interest.

The 808 can ship without problems worldwide.

Please feel free to make any questions and request high definition pictures
by email.

By the way, you can check my perfect Ebay feedback on Ebay-Spain. My
nickname is Palote2002.

Best Regards

Jos=E9 Sogo