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From Bakis Sirros
Sent Wed, Jan 16th 2008, 01:09

hello list,
thank you all for your help!
i connected everything and seems that all panels power
up correctly.
one of the two distroboards liht up only one of its
leds (the orange led but not the green one. but i
measured the voltages that the board outputs in its
molex connectors and seem correct (12/-12 and zero in
the green cable).
so i connected everything and works fine apart from
the folowing faults i found:
the pitch follower does not trigger correctly . its
trigger seems not in time with the gate signal. the
gate signal is outputed correctly.
aldo also the preamp output is dead.
also, one of my 5 prepamp modules in another panel has
a problem: its envelope output and gate output are
always in full voltage.
but both these probelms are not reall important for
what;simportanmt is this: the frequency shifter module
doesa not work becasue it seems that the carrier
oscillator does not work. from the frequency shifter
output i get the input wave but unvchanged. also from
the carriro vco outs i get nothing b ut a click when i
firtly connect the cable and then nothing.
so it seems that the internal osc of the frequency
shifter module does not work.
could anyone help me fix this?
F/S schemos or ideas as to what my tech should look for/replace in the 
faulty F/S module?

many thanks in advance,
best regards,      :-)

Bakis Sirros
Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
doepfer_a100 group owner
Athens - Greece
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> IIRC the VCOs (NTO, PCO) get extra power cables to ensure stable 
> operation. All of them get hooked up. As long as they are common to the 
> same supply, this isn't a problem, it's just another path for the same DC 
> source.
> Wait for John Duval's response, he's the Serge expert on this list!
> On Jan 15, 2008, at 4:19 AM, Bakis Sirros wrote:
>> hello list,
>> i received a 4 panel system (with a psu and two distro
>> boards plus two cables that i connect to psu to give
>> power to the two distroboards) and i want to ask some
>> things regaridng connection of the panelts to the psu
>> distro boards:
>> the distro boards have 6 connectors each. i connect
>> the cable coming from the psu to any of these 6
>> connectors and i connected the panels to be powered to
>> the rest of the 6 connectors of the distroboard?
>> also, two panels have two or even three power cable
>> coming from their back (instead of one). why is this?
>> do i connect all 3 or 2 wires of the same panel to the
>> same distro board, or should i connect to different
>> distro boards?
>> also the psu i received, has 4 "xlr-srtyle" type
>> connectors on its front. is that a ps6?
>> waiting for a reply before i connect anything...
>> thank you in advance!
>> best regards,    :-)
>> Bakis.
>> Bakis Sirros
>> Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
>> doepfer_a100 group owner
>> Athens - Greece