Amazing discoveries and doepfer 404

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

> I don't know if Ted Lyngmo is on AH, but he has a very
> informative web page on midi-controllable analog stuff in this
> web page.  Deserves to be on music machines, as a link at least.
> He mentions a doepfer rack mount: MS404, that sounds great on
> paper:Doepfer MS404.  Has this been discussed here?
>      A one-rack-space non-programmable analog synth.
>          one VCO with Pulse/Sawtooth wave
>          one low-pass filter 24 dB (Moog ladder type) with resonance
> (up to self-oscillation)
>          one VCA with ADSR envelope generator
>          two LFOs
>          pulse width can be adjusted manually or by LFO1
>          extern audio in for filter
>          filter can be modulated by LFO2 or by white noise
>          LFO2 has a very broad range (up to 5kHz)
>          MIDI In & Thru
>          CV/Gate I/O
>          15 knobs and a few switches
>      Additional information: Doepfers address.
I hear ir only a few times. Though Holger, the guy with the PS3300,
Elka Synthex, CS80, ObMX 12 voice, etc, etc....
he has one two and sais he likes it a lot. It didn't hit me that much,
but he also have a "real" 303 also. If he thinks the 404 is a piece to
possess I trust in his oppinion quite a lot.
He sais, he likes it for its nice bass sounds and super easiness to use.
For all you modular lovers:
I heard its built pretty much "modular" like. MEans all insert points
are made by jumpers and are most easy to access. Its also thought of
being used as a part in the doepfer modular setup if needed,


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