Re: Divider

From ptreant
Sent Sun, Mar 12th 1995, 05:59

There are many applications of Frequency Division, for sounds and for
timing. My friend and I, under the name Voltage Controlled released our
second cassette with almost exclusive use of frequency division of one
clock, often my 2600's internal clock. Running this clock through several
frequency dividers gave us all of our beats.==== Paris

 >> I'm curous, what's a frequency divider? is it like a low/high band pas
 >> or is it something that will splice an audio input so that one can strip
 >> tracks?
 >> thanks a bunch,
 >> chip
 >The Doepfer Modulars divider is taking a tune and giving
 >the suboscilators to an out.
 >Means, the OSC is doing half the frequency, which appears to your
 >ear as a note played one octave below,
 >PS: Thats usually used to make a monophinic sound become richer, by
 >making the imagination of another played sound one oct below,
 >got it?
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