Re: CV loop sequencer?

From mark verbos
Sent Thu, Oct 17th 1996, 19:53

Solipsist Nation wrote:
> Okay, so I've got an idea for a sequencer, from what I've read about other
> people's sequencers and things, and I'm kind of curious whether anyone has
> done this or not, or if anything similar is out there.
> The idea is this:
> It's basically a 16 (or 32 or whatever)-step loop. Each step has two
> controls (that I can think of right now-- maybe more later...). The first
> control is a simple one-- a potentiometer to control the pitch, basically a
> big CV knob. The second is a toggle switch, to control whether or not a
> trigger is sent on that step. Note that this doesn't disable the change in
> the CV, just the sending of a new trigger...
> It has two outputs: trigger and CV. It has one input, for sync24. (And
> possibly an audio-level trigger input...)
> So, does anything out there resemble this?

yeah, it's called an analog sequencer. ARP, Korg, Roland, Moog... they
all made them. Buy a Doepfer MAQ 16/3. you won't be disapointed


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