Re: The Big Moog-Thread

From tmoravan
Sent Fri, Jul 28th 1995, 13:49

> it seems as if my mail has opened another thread in the x0x tradition:
> price vs. usability.
> - If my attitude towards a Moog Modular would be an attitude of
> price/usability-ratio then I sure would buy a Doepfer A-100. It is by
> far the cheapest modul system available. But for me it's kind of a
> love thing. And love is sometimes irrational and not explainable,
> sigh... (and it sometimes hurts: either the heart or in this case my
> bank account).
Let me chime in again.  About 2 years ago, I was obsessed with buying a Moog
modular.  However, I had a cap of about $3500 that I was willing to spend on
it.  At the time, that would get a Moog 15 or maybe a IIC.  Now, looking at
the functionality of a model 15 and it looks very much like a modular version
of a MiniMoog.  FOR ME, it wasn't worth spending that much money on a system
that was so basic.  Even with the pluses: patchability, Moog modular filter,
fat, unstable 901 series oscillators, it didn't overcome the fact that it was
a fairly limited system.  I am learning to live with the fact that nothing
I have sounds like a modular Moog, and nothing ever will.  That's OK, because
I was able to buy a few high quality synths for the money I was going to
spend on a Moog.

After a few years of buying synths, I'm in the position where I *could* sell
off a 1/3 to 1/2 of the gear I own and have enough money to buy a large Moog,
even at dealer prices.  I've thought about doing this, but I always come back 
to the fact that I like having a diverse set of synths with different
characteristics more than having a large modular system.  (Although, to be
fair, with a 2600, modded Avatar, RSF Kobol Expander I and II, and EML-101
I do have some patching capability already).

> So, now I'm hping that someone has mercy with me and offers me the
> 2000 $ System 55 ;-)))).
Best of luck in your quest.


Tom Moravansky                                    
                             quiet electronics