Re: [AH] Vostok vs EMS Synthi?

From Legion
Sent Sun, Apr 20th 2008, 04:24

>>   ok, i know the website, says the Vostok wasn't meant to replace or
>> clone the Synthi...

correct :)

>> But has anyone compared the sounds/functions that are common to both?

They really don't have much in common outside of spelling. The EMS VCO is
QUITE a different thing than the Vostok. Same with the envelopes, filter,

>> Would it be a suitable replacement for having a Synthi?

Not really. A better analogy would be the Vostok is more like Doepfer A100
system. If you want to really streatch it you could say the make is a more
"generic" patchable synth like perhaps the Evenfall or something along
those lines. Not to knock something by calling it generic as even the Euro
Doepfer, concussor, AS stuff sounds very different.

The patch panels are and quite different if you look at them closely in
fact so that isn't even very similar. as another example the Arp 2500 uses
a matrix like patching system and most wouldn't consider the vostok
anything like that. Outside or the portable idea the EMS is about as
similar to the Vostok as a 2500 IMO.

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