Re: Doepfer A-100 modular

From Brian Whittington
Sent Sat, Feb 24th 1996, 21:39

> i was wondering if anyone had some more info about this modular system,
> especially comments about the newer modules (high end VCO, multimode VCF,
> etc). it sounds like it'd be something interesting to play with.

Mitch, you might want to find the February issue of Future Music.  The CD 
includes a few brief sounds created by the A-100.  I had been considering 
it myself, but after hearing this short demo, I was left unimpressed.  I 
tend to agree with a comment made here a few months ago:  Better a 
one panel Serge than a full Doepfer system (roughly the same price).  I 
will say, also, that whoever programmed the demo likely just sucked to 
begin with.  But I didn't care much for the sound.