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<< I got the trade that he owed me yesterday.  Everything is in good order. 
 I just wanted to be fair and let you all know that he finally came
 through.  Better late than never...
 I guess you can move him from the "Bad Trader" list to the "Slow Trader"
 list. >>

yeah i got mine too from him FINALLY.  I personally would keep him in the bad 
trader catagory, not only because he was ultra-slow, but he was 
with emails until I was finally forced to resort to threats with him. and 
when he finally responded it was ultra-curt and rude, with a tone as if he 
was doing nothing wrong by not responding to me previously and not sending my 
cd.  Sorry, but i have traded with many folks on the net through the years, 
and find this sort of exasperating behaviour the exception that I can do 
without, thank you!  Ok - just needed to vent!