[AH] American Made Euro Racks? Any options?

From Spacemodular
Sent Mon, Apr 4th 2005, 01:50


I have been filling up Fracs lately, but am
considering expansion with some of the Euro Rack
companies modules (ASys, ASol, Plan B, Doepfer,
Metasonix). Peter Grenader was mentioning grounding
issues if his Plan B Model 15's were converted to Frac
standards. So I am thinking that maybe going for a
full panel is smarter than a conversion. My only
concern is that the imported Euro Racks are so *&%$ing
expensive. Are there any American (as in North: US,
Canada, Mexico etc...) manufactured alternatives that
are considerably cheaper?

I like how cheap the Blacet Fracs are - cheaper than
all but one of their modules (Mult/Att). Even with a
powersupply added and a shallow SKB added the cost is
still only about 2/5 the price of a 3sp Euro case.


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