[AH] SCI Pro One Experts?

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Fri, May 25th 2007, 19:46

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these questions are for you!

 i have three P1's atm (no, i'm not selling)-two with the keys removed, and one intact...i've heard of two common problems: the power switch falls apart, and the noise source dies, and each of the units has one or both problems...for the bad switch i simply ran a jumper, i fire them up from a power strip...anyone know what's up with the noise source? again, i understand this is a common problem, anyone know why? easy to solve? i'm going over one of the no-key units, and if i run noise from my Doepfer A100 it works fine, which brings up another question: is there an easy way to disable the external input from triggering the gate? i'd rather simply pass audio thru and gate it as another osc, much more useful imo (i have the external input mod for my Doepfer anyway)...one last thing i brought up before: anyone know if there is a way to access the keyboard input (not the gate/cv on the back, the actual multi-pin connector where the P1 keys plug into the circuit board) with
 cv/gate from another source? it would be nice to be able to program the sequencer on the no-key units for additional voltage sources, but the cv/gate inputs (used with a Roland MPU 101 midi>cv) don't work for that, just playing the voice....i'm having a blast using the keyed P1 w/ my Doepfer, staying away from midi, i'd like to explore/exploit this more if possible....

thanks ( and sorry for the long post),