[AH] Doepfer: Eurorack: MFB OSC-01

From Bryan Erickson
Sent Sat, Jan 26th 2008, 11:29

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Ok i got the MFB osc-01, thanks to REwire, he's a great trader!!

My first impressions of the osc 01.

I got it, messed with it. I liked it. But it is not nearly as fat even with
all the oscillators going as one single plan b saw. The saw is strange on
it. If i have set on 16, osc 1 and 2 the signal gets really weak on the c0
octave, but only in saw mode. Osc 3 does not have that problem at all. But
this doesn't really matter. The pulse is great, especially with pwm. Its
great for those roland like leads and trance sounds. Running this through
the frequensteiner really makes it sounds like astral projection stuff. Very
cool. This oscillator always sounds like a polysynth in unison mode.

Ok, but how do the oscillators sound? Individually i would compare it to the
alpha juno. It's not as fat as the juno 60 or juno 106. But about as fat as
a alpha juno. This is great for me, because i love the alpha juno. I have
not messed about with the sync or ringmod. So i will write a full review on
my site later on as i mess with this more..

But, do not assume that this thing tracks 7 octaves. it doesn't. i only can
get 4. But it holds, there is a pot on the back of the unit, that is the
tracking pot, i had to adjust it a little to make it scale correctly, but
only get 4 good octaves with my kenton prosolo via midi.. But that is more
than i can say for the plan b i have. That things is whack no matter what.
so yes the MFB osc-01 is the most stable osc i have had yet, but it only
tracks 4 octaves, and you will have to tweak it to make it so.