Re: [AH] Fwd: [FS] rare CV to MIDI interface

From Sjoerd Helming
Sent Sun, Apr 27th 2008, 22:05

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The Doepfer Drehbank can also be used for this purpose. You have to look for the ones with the 8 external inputs. It's probably not as extensive as the Syco Logic but it makes it possible to integrate CV gear and MIDI gear.

Mark Pulver <> wrote:
This just posted up on the Doepfer list and orangeyellowred Was looking for 
a CV-> MIDI interface the other day.

>From: beebsynthesizers 
>FS; rare CV to MIDI interface
>Not a MIDI-to-CV, but the very rare Syco Logic AMI multi-channel CV-
>to-MIDI interface, intended to convert the output of analog
>sequencers like the Roland MC8 to MIDI on a single channel or
>multiple channels, but also able to convert any control voltage and
>gate source usefully to MIDI;
>eBay no. 320245281776

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