RE: [AH] ELKA, GEM, LEM to return in 2015

From Lorne Hammond
Sent Sat, Jan 10th 2015, 19:57

yes to all that.  There is a free app for nam on google+ that is quite =
interesting, booths maps scedules, talks and exhibitors but I think a =
host of modular synth people are clustered under a few group booths. 4ms =
has their own. It also does not yet list all the displays of historic =
synths, I know Yamaha is doing one, and korg and teenage engineering are =
unveiling new products (arp and op-1 mystery product, op-2 drum pad to =
go with op-1?  dunno).  BC audio brian castro of xoxio fame is showing =
his new design which I'm looking forward to. But I didn't find =
generalmusic, maybe they are under a group name.=20

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On 10.01.15 18:14 , Kylee Kennedy wrote:
> Is ELKA, GEM, LEM part of the North American Musical Manufacturing? I=20
> imagine they will definitely show at that European Music Messe thing.
Is Doepfer? Is Roland? Is Korg? Is ...