Re: [AH] AS to Doepfer power cable?

From lester
Sent Fri, May 2nd 2008, 10:56

Just out of interest I've had quite a bit of fun and games with the  
various different Euro-Rack modular brands and getting them hooked up  
correctly without blowing things the main problem being that there is  
no uniform system. Here's my personal experiences using both A-Sys  
and Doepfer Cases and filling them with A-sys, A-sol, Doepfer,  
Livewire, Plan B, Cwejman and Harvestman

The A-Sys cables aren't keyed but neither are the Doepfer Cases ! -  
The A-Sys cases have a load of quick blow fuses for each polarity of  
each voltage on the board so if a mistake is made plugging in a  
module then there's a lot less chance of damage to the case and  
module. The Doepfer cases don't have these quick blow fuses so a  
mistake is going to be a bit more serious.

Doepfer and all the other brands apart from A-sys use keyed  
connectors on their modules.. but the Doepfer cases DON"T USE KEY"D  
BUS BOARDS ! ?   so even with the key on the module end its still  
possible to get it wrong.  Doepfer cases don't have A-sys connector  
sockets as standard but A-Sys cases Do offer 7 KEYED Doepfer style  
sockets as standard.

Now here's the fun bit kids:    The orientation of the key on the end  
of the cables from each of the Euro Modules ( except A-Sys ) is not  
consistent with the position of the red line on the cable itself.  
Even tho the Red line goes to the board of the module correctly the  
orientation of the keyed plug at the other end can be one way or the  
other.  Using A-Sys cases which have the Keyed Doepfer style sockets  
its easy to assume that the Key fits the socket in the one and only  
way it can be connected. . .  .  Later after much silence and fuse  
blowing you discover that a few of the modules fitted are in fact  
inverted even tho the key is plugged up in the only way it can be !

So Here's the question:  Why use Keyed  plugs on the cables but NOT  
bother to keep the position of that key consistent to the alignment  
of the red line on the cable ?  ( Eg, Key to the left Red line to the  
top )  How Hard Can That Be ? I know that Doepfer cases Don't use the  
keyed sockets  but doesn't it make common sense to have a standard  
position for these things given that they all have these types of  
connectors ( except A-sys ) This is isn't a difference from one brand  
to another its within each brand some modules will be one way others  


On 1 May 2008, at 23:52, Tim Parkhurst wrote:

> On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 3:10 PM, James Husted <>  
> wrote:

>  So the AS power connectors are not keyed to prevent you from  
> pluggin the
> power connector in backwards? And there are no reverse polarity  
> protection
> diodes?
> If so, I now know of two mods to make if I buy any AS stuff.
> Tim (still owes money for taxes, so won't be buying any modules  
> right away)
> Servo
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