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Hey, does anyone have opinions on the following pedals:

DOD? Hyperfuzz (has parametric eq over fuzz)
DOD Classic Fuzz
...Paia quadrafuzz

I am into overdriving drum machines and digital synths (CZ & VZ Casios)
and have use the Classic Fuzz with some nice qualities, but not as much
range of controls as I'd like.

I am looking for an overdrive that retains some warmth and possibly a
sweepable eq to boost/lower..

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On Fri, 7 Feb 1997, fEEd wrote:

> On Thu, 06 Feb 1997 11:37:37 +0000,
> redacted@example.com wrote...
> >An Irish friend of mine brought a Meatball pedal back to the States 
> >after a trip home to the UK and it is definately amazing
> I totally agree. I have owned a meatball for a few months now and like it 
> quite a bit. I tend to use it for more subtle things than the envelope 
> driven filter sweeping stuff.  Maybe just run a sample through it and set 
> the filter at nice freq and let it sit there with maybe some slight env 
> modulation and subtle rez. I like filters that allow me to get very precise 
> in their implementation, and the meatball excels in this area quite nicely. 
> Its a very versatile unit, especially for being so small and quick to work 
> with.

> >   Those of us/you with analogue synths may find the unit somewhat 
> >redundant
> Oh i dunno, I for one can never have enough filters. I have serge, 100m, 
> synthi, synthacon, ms20, sh5, 2600, and SEM (among others) filters at my 
> disposal and the meatball still finds its way into most of my work.  
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