Re: SH-101 + CV

From Martin Fay
Sent Wed, Oct 15th 1997, 15:10

Joris Crul wrote:
> > I'm having a Roland SH-101 and I would like to control it with CV.
> > Does anybody has such a midi to CV kit already for his/hers
> > SH-101? Does it work good and what can You use with it ?-- 

Yoshiki Ohmura wrote:
> Doepfer makes one called the MCV-1, and kenton make a few different
> models, but they are a little pricey (IMHO).  Or you can just us the
> CV outs on a bassStation, MS-404, or Pulse.

I'm running my 101 from a Kenton Pro-2 which I recently picked up 
second hand for a very reasonable price (130 uk pounds, ta Tom ;), if 
this is an indication of the second hand market I would have a look 
for one of those.

On the subject of SH-101 control, there's something in the archives 
about using the hand-grip input as a CV input...has anyone done this, 
and if so do you know what kind of glue electronics is needed? I 
suppose I might just have to order schematics...


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