Re: [AH] home-built doepfer case?

From toby boudreaux
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

>> hi. i'm planning to get a doepfer system soon, something small which can
>> expanded gradually.
>> the largest chunk of case seems to be for the case. i would like to build
>> own case, out of wood, for the system. i'm quite handy with the power
>> but i've never built a power supply etc....
>Don't bother. the Doepfer power supply and buss board is the cheapest
>you'll find and it's *very* easy to use. as well as being custom
>designed for the system.
>> the a-100mps mini power supply can power 4 modules, and is only 80.00.
>> i could buy 6-8 modules and 2 of these, and save a nice chunk of change.
>> are they sufficient? is there anything else i need, or would it simply be

>You might need a bussboard. i don't know what the A100MPS has on it but
>you'll need something to connect the modules to the PS. I'd strongly
>reccomend the AN15 PS and on buss board. this isn't much more and you'll
>have all the power you'll need for a large system and snap in buss
>connections for up to 14 modules.

here is an url for the mini power source i was asking about, if you're

i want to build a nice wooden box, the width of the normal doepfer cases,
but with maybe 3 or 4 levels, as opposed to the 2(?) on the larger doepfer
i'm going to start my system out with only 6-8 units, and buy gradually.
i thought the mini power supplies would be nice because i could simply buy
one for every 4 modules i purchase...

they do include a bus board with connectors for 4 modules...

does this sound like a solid idea?

is there a better way to do it (of course there is, i'm sure) which is more

thanks a lot...